Fair Person of the Year

2017 - Vickie Dickie

Vickie Dickie reflects on long hours in the office balanced out with meeting all the people at the Halifax County Exhibition.

The Halifax County Exhibition has been a part of Vickie Dickie’s life for as long as she can remember. Starting as a young child Vickie Dickieenjoying her favorite ride of the Merry-go-round, to a young mother helping to catalogue and display the school exhibits in the Harrison House. When her girls became members of the 4-H club, Vickie joined in and became a 4-H leader. It was in 1978 when she was approached to join in with a few meetings and take some notes as a Secretary, only to be handed cheque book and ledger at the first meeting. “Why do I need cheques and a ledger to take a few minutes?” Vickie asked, and there it began. For the next 21 years Vickie became a prominent part of the Exhibition Management Committee. In the early years, she was very grateful for Alice Cook who helped her navigate the running of the office.

When asked what the Exhibition means to her, Vickie replied, “The exhibition always meant to me, a celebration of rural life, it’s values and the communities it involved. The values of ruralliving have been what keeps communities alive.” Promoting the importance of agricultural within the province still resonates with Vickie today. The thing she remembers the most, even after the long hours and hard work of managing the exhibition, is all the people. The people are what made it all worthwhile, seeing the friendly faces returning every year, the exhibitors, the volunteers and community members. As we reflect on how there have been changes to the exhibition, yet the essence of the old fashion fair remains. She laughs and says, “We didn’t have data entry…just a pen and paper”. If you had a horse question, ask Pat would be her reply. Now she attends the exhibition as a visitor, taking time to enjoy all it offers with her children and grandchildren. Reconnecting with familiar faces, sharing a few memories and laughs of,” do you remember when…”

Each year the Halifax County Exhibition Committee chooses a person to receive the Fair Person of the Year award. This award is presented to someone who has had a longtime commitment with the exhibition as an exhibitor, past superintendents, volunteer or organizer. Although resistant at first to be in the spotlight, Vickie feels very honored to be receiving the Fair Person of the Year award, stating, ”I don’t know what I did to deserve it.” Having worked beside her in the office for many years as a volunteer, I for one can vouch that she is very deserving of this award. The years Vickie spent with the Halifax County Exhibition have helped shape it into the Family Fun Fair it is known for today. Congratulations Vickie, on a job well done. Vickie will be receiving the Halifax County Exhibition Fair Person of the Year Award during the Official Opening, on August 16th at 6:45pm.

Written by: Juli Oxford

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